Hope's Dawn Service is the third and final instalment in the 'Capital Adventure' children's book series.  Possibly the best, but definitely the most moving story of the three books.

This time a new artist has illustrated the book - the extremely lovely and brilliantly talented Elin Tan. Elin has cleverly managed to keep a similar vibe to the characters and visual feast Ian Coate put together in the first two books, but has brought her own special flair.  I feel very blessed to have worked with both these talented artists.

About Hope's Dawn Service

This story centres around a joey kangaroo who lives near the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.  Early one morning she's woken by a noise and on investigation, witnesses a touching Anzac Day ceremony.

When something goes wrong, Hope helps out without hesitation.

Books are available for purchase at the Australian War Memorial, Harry Hartog Woden, The Parliament House gift shop and online at my shop.

The following clip is a captivating fast speed video of Elin illustrating one of the pages in the book.

A book trailer for the book is also now available.